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  1. Oplife

    Unmute Appeal

    - Hi I was muted and am making a unmute appeal. - Why I should be unmuted: I was really upset on Loka and said this. I never stay stuff that would warrant a mute, even on other servers, but this time I was really upset from dying at Cove, and on top of that players were being annoying and mean...
  2. SwiftNautilus

    SwiftNautilus Unmute Appeal

    I sincerely apologize for my racist and offensive words and promise I won't repeat what I said. This server is great and I can't imagine playing it whilst being muted in game! I hope you can forgive me and I look forward to playing Loka much longer!
  3. N

    NotTolerable discord unmute

    Unmute me from the discord. I ain't even do nothing wrong bruh. Here are the last messages before I got muted (The mute wasn't right away either). And I included the message staff deleted cuz im a honest individual. I promise I will never do it again NotARealPerson6 — 12/15/2022 7:46 PM Perhaps...
  4. fdwz

    fdwz unmute in guide appeal

    hey, i'm fdwz and i was muted in guide chat for trolling and misuse of the chat. i'm sorry about trolling in /g but i said "imagine someone says what's /kill top in /g and then /kill tops" and someone else trolling did exactly that and alot of us just followed along with it as a joke sorry
  5. E

    Erdemiko unmute appeal

    Hello, I want to appeal for my mute that I got about 5/6 months ago. I said something really wrong and i know i shouldn't have said the bad word I said. I also the accept my punishments. and i also think enough time has passed, i really hope i can get one more chance to talk in the loka chats...
  6. Haz5

    Haz5 Permanent Unmute Appeal

    Hello Moderation team and the player-base of Loka Minecraft. I am here to present to you my Loka Minecraft Unmute appeal. It has been around 6 - 7 months since I was permanently muted on this server. It has been a very long time, and I have looked at the Loka chat rules and have thought about...
  7. S

    Permamuted Appeal - Santian

    Dear Loka players I want to appeal for my mute. i got muted for saying and to someone. I did it after multiple warnings. I try to be nice to everyone. In some calls I can sometimes be a toxic guy, but I never mean it. I'm trying to avoid the toxic now. I have already apologized to him. We...
  8. WeGank

    WeGank ( _Gank ) PermMute appeal

    Hi, so, just over 2 months ago (around october 4th I think) I was perm muted for saying something very inappropriate and immature in chat. I renamed a shulker to something with an explicit message, and linked it in public chat twice, one time being after I was told not to do it again. TO...