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  1. ACwavelength

    Implemented 1.13/1.14 resources on Resource Isles

    The 1.13 and 1.14 updates brought a lot of resources into the game each with their own uses. I'm sure people would love to have kelp, sea pickles and coral in their underwater builds, and I'm sure they would love see pandas eating bamboo, and foxes running away with their stuff. Not to mention...
  2. OperaGhost2004

    No Plans to Implement New Iceberg Biome

    honestly, I think the title says enough, but with the addition of icebergs in 1.13, I think an Iceberg biome would be a great addition to Kalros. I think this blank spot between the roofed forest, taiga and mega taiga would actually be quite a good place for a new biome. Or it could even be...
  3. OperaGhost2004

    Nerf Slow Falling in Enemy Towns

    I feel the same way about slow falling as I feel about Riptide, using Slow Falling from the world height limit, you can travel well over a hundred blocks before hitting the ground. This means that if you build up to the world height limit right outside a town, the town needs to have either a...
  4. P

    No Nerf 1.13

    A lot of people have been saying that a lot of these new trident enchants or even the trident as a whole should be banned or nerfed. I believe that we should keep all of these features, and instead of getting rid of it, find ways to go around it. I do believe like the elytra, we should limit the...
  5. P

    No Plans to Implement Ocean Area

    I like idea to completely reset the ocean after 1.13 comes out, but I think leaving it how it is and adding a boat that goes to a completely sea like environment where it's all 1.13 sea and it would be a rejuvenating isle would be better. Kind of like the End boat or Nether Boat, but for the...
  6. Steve5729

    Consider Implementing Disable Slow fall in towns and conquest fights.

    Let's just be honest, this is a cancer strategy that only the trolls want. It makes it insanely easy to just be able to run into other peoples towns now so you can almost literally get in from anywhere if you build up high enough. In Tgen fights it's just super annoying to be chasing someone and...
  7. Steve5729

    Implement in Future Revamp the Oceans in 1.13

    So from what I've seen of 1.13 there are alot of ocean revamps. So first: I suggest revamping the oceans for coral biomes and fish and the drowned to be spawned. Second: I suggest a way to be able to craft the Trident or make it differently. Third: Make the trident be able to have sharpness...
  8. OperaGhost2004

    No Plans to Implement Remove Riptide when 1.13 comes out

    One thing I have noticed when playing the latest snapshot for 1.13 is that Riptide is way too powerful. all you have to do is raid a town in the rain, and you're in. (so long as you have a Riptide III trident.) this makes walls very nearly obsolete. all you need to do is throw it up, when it...