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  1. O

    Buying a town/town designer in kalros

    I need a decent town in kalros or if there are none, someone to design a town. ._.oxi is my discord, dm me if you can sell.
  2. Fake

    My Town NPC's are making a secret cult

    I went offline for 3 hours and my Town Farmers decided to make a Cult (I already did /report)
  3. koi0001

    Suggestion Change, '/c' Commands to '/town c'.

    Hey all, just a minor QoL suggestion regarding the way conquest commands are laid out and shown to new players. My main gripe is that the conquest commands feel disconnected from the rest of the town command options. This makes it unintuitive to navigate. I suggest that we convert all '/c'...
  4. D

    Tomato Town Name rejection

    My name is Djmandude of Djmandude's Town due to new horizons that are arriving on my Loka journey I wanted to name my new town Tomato Town (for reasons not yet specified but are widely known) but to my surprise, I log on today to find my town name being rejected please reconsider as Tomato Town...
  5. Sofatroll

    Gang-up! Sofa & Sly going for it again

    Ahoy fellow Lokans, few people know me but I'm sure those who do remember the splendid town of Myrmidon we've been building upon the ruins of ancient Vantis. During the half-year we existied we've been both fixing up old structures such as adding tons of new stuff, giving the place an entirely...
  6. ThePixelHero__


    Hey, i am recruiting for people to help me start a town. Requirements are, 1. You must be willing to ally with Miracalis 2. You must actually play Minecraft 3. You must not be toxic Name for the town will be decided upon foundation with the 3(+) founders deciding upon it by a vote. The...
  7. W

    Elderwood Trading Thread!

    ~Elderwood Trading~ Welcome to the Elderwood Market! All of the prices that you find on this thread are negotiable unless specified otherwise. I am currently new to the server, so if prices seem way out in comparison to the usual economy of the server, please bear with me. At the moment the...
  8. Kaph

    Suggestion Change to the Town Chest Perk

    Many town perks have multiple levels - Health, Protected, Well Fed, etc. The Town Chest perk currently spawns in a double chest - so, in my opinion, this perk should be split into Town Chest I and Town Chest II. The first perk would only be a single chest, and then will be upgraded to a double...
  9. W

    [New Town] ~ Elderwood ~ [Now Recruiting]

    Elderwood Forum Post ====================================================================== Welcome to the Elderwood Town forum thread! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am Worldscrafter and I am...
  10. marblesack12

    Suggestion Small change to town perk ordering

    Ayyy Loka Forums first post holllaaaaaa Our town recently hit level 16, and was rewarded with the level 16 town perk "Improved Infrastructure I." Quick recap: this perk gives Speed I to town members when on "roads." These roads are created by placing a layer of cobblestone hidden...