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  1. B

    Suggestion State of Fissure map

    1/27/2023 will post new logs every month or so as how players play on Fissure changes and evolves. I'm doing this to make sure the next map is even better than this one. most of this stuff is in comparison to the previous map, cove pros: - much more flat, leading to it being harder to run and...
  2. daqniel

    Suggestion moving warp button easier

    Hi please make it so i dont have to break the whole warp button build thingy and i need to move my button but itll destroy my build please make it so only the button spawns when you create it it would make things really easier:timmy:
  3. Greeneryy

    Added Skin Swapper Mod

    Mod: Skin Swapper https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/skin-swapper i’m back and unbanned, since my ban, i’ve put my time into other hobbies and separated myself a bit from pvp, in consenquence, i’ve developed an addiction into making skins, and this mod, allows me to quickly swap...
  4. Itsredstonepro

    No Plans to Implement non-player entities transport

    So i want for example a enderman from the end in a boat on the boat that goes to spawn and use the town portal to transport me and the enderman to my town. pretty simple idea right? enderman in boat -> (end to spawn boat) -> spawn -> (town portal) -> town or think of something else to...
  5. Asynchronized

    Suggestion Market Notifications Through Discord

    I am a player who seems to just thrive off the economy on Loka through the market, I'm constantly selling stuff and it would be cool if I was able to get a discord dm or notification of some sort when my items have been purchased. I know this sounds like a useless feature but it would be pretty...
  6. Itsredstonepro

    Suggestion Public data endpoint

    Hello, i was planning to make a discord bot for loka that will track general things but i found out that there's no public endpoint.... So i would like to have the following things: Kills(Kills with sword, kills with pots, Special kills), Current town(Town name,Amount territories owned, Town...
  7. TimeCentaur

    Suggestion Wasted Potential on Golden Apples

    We know that normal golden apples are disabled on Loka due to the increased gap in strength they can place between older towns and new players especially since it's hard to obtain apples in the first place, however it seems as though there's no point in putting to disuse an item which could be...
  8. Qfu

    Introducing more helmets

    Hello!, I've been thinking, and thought it'd be a good idea to introduce a new-wide range of helmets which correlate to the title of a player, just as how there's an Aladran helmet for supporters, and other helmets for ranked duels, thought I'd have a couple more suggestions. - Custom...
  9. Steve5729

    Implement in Future Revamp the Oceans in 1.13

    So from what I've seen of 1.13 there are alot of ocean revamps. So first: I suggest revamping the oceans for coral biomes and fish and the drowned to be spawned. Second: I suggest a way to be able to craft the Trident or make it differently. Third: Make the trident be able to have sharpness...
  10. DeceitfulPear

    Implemented Arguements within Slicer nominations

    So this is really just a suggestion for how people should be acting within the now open slicer nominations. There are a few of the nominations that are filled with players arguing over what is right and wrong and what actually should be used when deciding if you agree or disagree with said...
  11. DeceitfulPear

    Implement in Future Brewing (Alcohol) Ideas

    So as a bartender and enthusiast in brewing various things in real life, when I discovered it was something I could do in Loka I was extremely excited and just have various ideas for it. For one I was thinking to encourage the use of the plugin a bit more there could be some achievements linked...
  12. Steve5729

    Fix the lag in Conquest

    in 100 player conquest the lag is insane, obviously. It's not fun anymore. There needs to be a cap on players. It is way to laggy and in Con 3 there are gonna be more and more players so I suggest a 50 player cap or rather a 25 cap on each side this way one side doesn't fill up all 50 and oh to...
  13. B

    Suggestion Disease Plugin

    So I saw this really cool plugin the other day, and I felt like it would be amazing if it was added onto loka https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/disease.3911/ Basically, it has diseases that you can get from things like cold temperatures, animal bites, etc etc. It also has medicine and...
  14. koi0001

    Suggestion Town Choices/More Customise-able

    Hello Lokians! This thread asks a simple question. Is the town system able to have more customisation? If so where's the limit and is it worth it? I've owned my own fair share of towns that were both used for different situations; some towns main goal was to just build something interesting...
  15. NovaSolux

    Home Territory Expansion Module Idea

    I have a suggestion The "Home Territory Expanding Module" Now this module can be on the TGEN in your home territory Like the town itself It costs approximetly 30% Of your town chest depending how much shards you have in there And it can expand your home town territory But when it expands it will...