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  1. K

    oekoe unban appeal

    current in game name: oekoe date of ban: 11/18/2022 reason of ban: offensive username latest appeal: 6/30/2023 (https://forums.lokamc.com/threads/oekoe-ban-appeal.7539/) Dear Loka community and staff, I was banned around 1,5 years ago for my offensive username: kirlikanserzenci. At the time I...
  2. B

    vafia Unban Appeal

    Dear Loka community, Banned: 9 Months ago Reason: Logged in on alt on accident I logged on an alt account name " Buwar". I accidentally logged in on loka with that alt and now i am suspected of being someone's alt. After that, it detected my account ( " Vafia " ) as the same IP as Buwar. I...
  3. S

    syoth unban appeal

    Hello loka staff this is my second Loka appeal to be unbanned, my first one was around 3-4 months ago and it has been around 8 months since my ban. I am making this appeal because i want to play Loka again and I miss playing with my friends on Loka, so I feel making this appeal is appropriate...
  4. N

    n5ght first unban appeal

    Hi my ign on my current main is: n5ght my alt is currently under the ign: ifann5ght im banned on n5ght for alting on ifann5ght (6 months ago) This happened 6 months ago when I accidently joined on the n5ght acc while already joining on the ifann5ght acc first, I was new to Loka and didnt know I...
  5. S

    Santian's Unban appeal

    Ban reason: putting and using inappreciate skin, throwing out slurs Ban date: 02/07/2023 Hello dear Lokans and Staff, I hope you have a good day. I want to appeal for an unban or ban reduction, I have done stupid things on the server and that is totally not okay. First especially my behavior...
  6. ballankaragul

    ballangregor ban appeal

    Hello, This is my second appeal for the same reason. You forgave me in my first appeal and I didnt enter the game for 2 months. A while ago I tried to enter and you banned me for having the same ip with the banned player. In my first appeal was my ban reason is my account having 2 ips because...
  7. C

    Unban request Cracky_K0ksberg

    Cracky_K0ksberg Dear Lokamc Moderation Team, I am writing to appeal the ban that was recently placed on my account for hacking. I assure you that I have not engaged in any form of hacking, cheating, or any activities that violate the server's rules or policies. I have been an active player on...
  8. dzne

    Unban Appeal Batoe

    (Posting this for Batoe Since he does not have a Forums account) Dear Loka Staff, I am writing to appeal the ban that I received on Loka minecraft I am very sorry for the words that I used and the harm that they caused. I understand now that what I said was wrong and I regret my actions. I...
  9. X

    Ban Appeal for my friend

    My friend isn't able to register an account because they have been banned for 2 years. They have grown up a lot since doing some dumb stuff on the server and really really want to play again for the nostalgia. Their name on MineCraft is PlsAcceptMyApeal. They're bad at spelling sometimes. If you...

    BEKOGOD second unban appeal

    Punishment Date: 22/03/2022 First Unban Appeal Date: 30/05/2022 https://forums.lokamc.com/threads/bekogod-ban-appeal.6141/ Hello, fellow Lokans and Staff, Firstly, I am aware of the short time between these appeals but please hear me out. My guilt was doxxing nBoi, which he forgave me at my...
  11. PachaConJet69

    NegativePingg/PachaConJet69 2nd unban appeal

    Hello Lokans, my first appeal was on Apr 7 of 2022, I was transparent in that appeal but got refused, but I think enought time has passed, some people think I altted 1 time as someone set his name as CrystalAura___ and most people thought It was me, I haven't altted 1 single time since I got...

    BEKOGOD ban appeal

    In-game nickname: BEKOGOD Punishment Date: 22/03/2022 Perma Why were you banned? Doxxing First of all, hello to all lokans and staffs. I banned for doxxing a player ign nBoi. I am aware that what I have done is wrong. There was a dispute with nBoi from the past and another server. We were...