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  1. T

    TripleYoshi Ban Appeal

    Good evening, Loka Minecraft. I started this thread to ask for forgiveness and possibly a unban for violating the Loka Rules. Aprox 10 months ago I was banned from Loka. I was banned for assisting a player named Fruitzilly. How did I assist him? I assisted him by allowing Fruitzilly to use my...
  2. K

    oekoe unban appeal

    current in game name: oekoe date of ban: 11/18/2022 reason of ban: offensive username latest appeal: 6/30/2023 (https://forums.lokamc.com/threads/oekoe-ban-appeal.7539/) Dear Loka community and staff, I was banned around 1,5 years ago for my offensive username: kirlikanserzenci. At the time I...
  3. S

    syoth unban appeal

    Hello loka staff this is my second Loka appeal to be unbanned, my first one was around 3-4 months ago and it has been around 8 months since my ban. I am making this appeal because i want to play Loka again and I miss playing with my friends on Loka, so I feel making this appeal is appropriate...
  4. ballankaragul

    ballangregor ban appeal

    Hello, This is my second appeal for the same reason. You forgave me in my first appeal and I didnt enter the game for 2 months. A while ago I tried to enter and you banned me for having the same ip with the banned player. In my first appeal was my ban reason is my account having 2 ips because...
  5. O

    Oekoe ban appeal

    in game name: oekoe date of ban: 11/18/2022 reason of ban: offensive username ------------------------ I was banned around 8 months ago for having an inappropriate username (kirlikanserzenci) and my most recent appeal was around 5 months ago. I should have never changed my name to that and I...
  6. ballankaragul

    ballangregor ban appeal

    My account got suspended for being alt of someone but i have no idea about why did it happen. Can staff tell me something or tell me whos alt i am. I tried to talk with magpieman thru discord but he told me to make appeal sorry for my mistakes in the appeal english isnt my first language...

    NRGBENYI appeal

    Hi, I got banned from lokamc for using multiple accounts, I know it's wrong and I've broken the rules of the server but I wanted to appeal here to clarify why I decided to log into so many alts. and the reason is that at that time i lost many of my accounts, the reason for the loss of the...
  8. S

    Shohen Ban Appeal

    Hello fellow Lokans, You guys might know me under the IGN Shohen. I was a member of the Loka community for around 7 months. During that time I had never broken any rule and I really enjoyed my time on the loka network. This server had a very interesting aspect of conquest that I had never seen...
  9. PachaConJet69

    popbot69/NegativePingg ban appeal

    Hello Loka, after almost 11 months of a ban because of a consecutive serie of very bad actions that I did, 4 months of my last appeal, I'd like to try it again, I think I haven't been much active in the internet, focused on other things, I can tell I improved my behavior & discipline, changed in...

    BEKOGOD second unban appeal

    Punishment Date: 22/03/2022 First Unban Appeal Date: 30/05/2022 https://forums.lokamc.com/threads/bekogod-ban-appeal.6141/ Hello, fellow Lokans and Staff, Firstly, I am aware of the short time between these appeals but please hear me out. My guilt was doxxing nBoi, which he forgave me at my...

    BEKOGOD ban appeal

    In-game nickname: BEKOGOD Punishment Date: 22/03/2022 Perma Why were you banned? Doxxing First of all, hello to all lokans and staffs. I banned for doxxing a player ign nBoi. I am aware that what I have done is wrong. There was a dispute with nBoi from the past and another server. We were...
  12. Haz5

    Haz5 Permanent Unmute Appeal

    Hello Moderation team and the player-base of Loka Minecraft. I am here to present to you my Loka Minecraft Unmute appeal. It has been around 6 - 7 months since I was permanently muted on this server. It has been a very long time, and I have looked at the Loka chat rules and have thought about...
  13. WeGank

    WeGank ( _Gank ) PermMute appeal

    Hi, so, just over 2 months ago (around october 4th I think) I was perm muted for saying something very inappropriate and immature in chat. I renamed a shulker to something with an explicit message, and linked it in public chat twice, one time being after I was told not to do it again. TO...