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    AL3NZISA Apology and Ban Appeal

    Hey, I came here to make an appeal for a situation revolving around me getting banned off LokaMC. I got banned for assisting a player named Vqmen ban evade after getting banned from the server LokaMC as mentioned earlier. I helped him, and I knew what would happen if I got caught, but I still...
  2. Q

    Quriq Appeal v2-

    Hello my ign is Quriq and i was banned for using macros and I am writing to apologize for using macros on LokaMC . i get now that its not acceptable to use it and its something That the elders take very seriously and on lokamc. I really want to apologize for using ChatGPT on my last appeal (...
  3. mads64

    LokaV | Custom Textures [16x]

    Hey guys, I have made my own 'loka+' pack, this pack contains all unique and original textures.* The pack contains: - Firestone - Top Firestone Fragment - Left Firestone Fragment - Bottom Firestone Fragment - Power Shard - Power Shard Cluster - Power Shard Core - Ancient Ingot - Basic Shard -...
  4. Steak__

    Implemented Shields

    At their current state shields are completely broken and take away all elements of skill. Due to the fact that you can spam shield and not take any damage or kb I as well as many others believe that this is not an element of pot PVP. It is a completely different kind of PVP. What Loka is turning...
  5. bat3415

    Suggestion Ability to neuter animals(specifically horses)

    At the moment, the ability to produce high quality horses and mules offers little in the chances of making a sustainable business, due to the fact that once you sell 2 very good stat horses, those 2 can be bred, and you have no way of selling to that person anymore now that they have a reliable...
  6. B

    bye <3

    Bye sisters! It’s my time to EXIT! I’ve had lots of amazing times with you all here on Loka, but with tons of IRL stuff coming up and just growing up in general I am sad to be saying that I will be leaving Loka! Whether you liked me or not, I wish you all the best both on Loka and life in...
  7. W

    Elderwood Trading Thread!

    ~Elderwood Trading~ Welcome to the Elderwood Market! All of the prices that you find on this thread are negotiable unless specified otherwise. I am currently new to the server, so if prices seem way out in comparison to the usual economy of the server, please bear with me. At the moment the...
  8. CuriousFriend

    Suggestion Sword / Bow Skins?

  9. C

    Loka Origins: Commander_12's Backstory

    Commander_12 (otherwise known as Andy) was born in the small, bustling city of Grimdale to normal and unassuming parents. Life in Grimdale wasn't easy though for Commander's family, as they were in extreme poverty and lived in one of the roughest and crime-ridden neighborhoods of all the city...
  10. J

    Loka and Advertising

    Recently Loka has been advertising it's server on the Minecraft Forums. And as stated by Cryptite, the owner of Loka, these ads cost $250-$325 for 2 weeks of exposure on the Minecraft Forums. Though this is a good way of advertising, I believe that there are better ways for Loka to advertise...
  11. Xavendeir

    Suggestion I feel like Loka would be improved by having Tinkers Construct.

    Alright. We all know what Tinkers Construct is right? I feel like having a separate, optional Loka server with TC would greatly improve a lot of areas of Loka. To start, I feel like it would improve weapon sales, due to the vast variety of weapons available, it would improve weapon...
  12. MrAlchemy

    The Mighty Northern Continent, Kalros, Vanaheimr

    The Mighty Northern Continent KALROS Vanaheimr Deep and hidden under the unforgiving glacial anatomy of Kalros' frozen surface arose a billowing untamed flame. It's whipping blaze consumed and spread within it's stone host, an expansive and untouched cavern by the Shivering Sea. Time...