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  1. P

    Piglxn Unban Appeal

    Hello fellow loka players, My name is Piglxn. I was permanantly banned off of lokamc around 2 days ago for something I am severely confused about and reasons I don't know why I have been banned. The ban says it was for hatespeech and harrassment though I am muted permanantly in game and only...
  2. X

    123deniz999 unban appeaI

    Hello loka community, today I am here to ask you for ban forgiveness. I got banned for duping on 12/06/2022. I tried to join with my friends account like 8 months ago i am so sorry for this but i can say I didn't insist him for his account. I would like to apologize to every staff member...
  3. Santian

    Santian's Unban appeal 3rd

    Ban reason: putting and using inappreciate skin, throwing out slurs Ban date: 02/07/2023 (dd-mm-yy) Hello, dear Lokans and staff of Loka. I want to apologize to the staff team for wasting their time and especially to Magpieman for trying to alt on the server and not mentioning it in my previous...
  4. N

    n5ght first unban appeal

    Hi my ign on my current main is: n5ght my alt is currently under the ign: ifann5ght im banned on n5ght for alting on ifann5ght (6 months ago) This happened 6 months ago when I accidently joined on the n5ght acc while already joining on the ifann5ght acc first, I was new to Loka and didnt know I...
  5. PJglizzyy

    unban appeal (on behalf of supremeace)

    I am here today to appeal from the server LokaMC. The reason I am banned is for hacking 3 months ago, however I am not sure when I got warned for this whatso ever. I was doing my daily cove run with my town members and I got called for dinner (like any human does) so I logged off and ate my...
  6. C

    Vqmen Unban Appeal

    Im Speaking on behalf on Vqmen/TwizzyRichz/8Glory Date Of Ban 02/15/23 Ign When Ban 8Glory Ign Now TwizzyRichz Hello players of Lokamc My name is Vqmen and I was the average Loka ganking player. I would join towns to have fun and gank with my friends. But one day I got mad at a better player...
  7. qaag

    rrj_ unban appeal

    Hello, i got banned for “Refusal of SS/Hacking” which is false. A staff member (thepiggang) froze me and told me to install AnyDesk, i started the instalation and then i got kicked since i live in a motel because i just moved in another country and my internet is weak. I fixed the problem and i...
  8. S

    NIGERIANGODQAAG unban appeal.

    Hello, i've been banned for account sharing a while ago. I told my friend to not log on loka because he was banned. Its not my fault for being banned and im very sorry. i've also been banned for innapropriate ign before and i was allowed to play on an alt that FruitZilly had acces to...
  9. ImSpartaan

    Unban Appeal

    Worked on this appeal on june 25 ign: spqrtoon banned:01/24/2023 Hello Loka Staff and Community. I am here today to give my reasons why my ban should be reduced but before I get into that I want to share my experience on LokaMC with you guys. when I first started playing LokaMC I didn't know...
  10. Q

    Quriq unban v3 ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

    Dear loka i am writing this to apologize for my previous use of macros during my time on lokamc and i regret my action.In the last 4 months i have learned my lesson and have not used macros since and have deleted it off my computer Fully.I also have reflected on the consequences of my behavior...
  11. eyvahnxyfo

    onlyfootlovers Ban appeal

    Hello loka community, today I am here to ask you for ban forgiveness.I (HooliganMustyy_2) was banned from loka on 12/06/22 from exploit abuse.my ban was a completely correct decision.what I did was a very wrong behaviour.because of this, I am very regretful that I damaged the server from the...
  12. ImSpartaan

    ImSpartaan Ban Appeal

    Hello Loka Staff and Community. As I said in my last appeal I got banned for Assisting a Ban Evasion. I regret what I did and I'm sorry for breaking that rule. but all I ask for is now is a second chance I've been banned for 4 months now and I've learned my lesson I had such a great time playing...
  13. T

    Unban Appeal Thissaaaaadagoat

    Dear staffmembers, Hello, I am thissaaaaadagoat and I am playing 1 year on Loka. I hope you will understand everything from this appeal, because English is not my thing. Firstly, I want to say that I am banned for X-Ray and I think it is because I did this in the Town. I hope staff can...
  14. ImSpartaan

    ImSpartaan Ban Appeal

    Hello Loka Staff and Community. I've been banned for more three months now for Assisting a Ban Evasion. I know what I did was wrong, and I am very sorry for wasting staff time, and the trouble I made. I would really like to get a second chance to play with my friends and have fun on the server...
  15. B

    HELLO fellow Loka players!

    This is not for me since I am a law-abiding citizen. This is for MJXJ since he is unable to make a forums account. This is not an appeal but rather a need for an explanation. MJXJ was banned for Town betrayal in the severe category. This was a perm ban. He had a list of offenses including...